Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crazy Ants in Seattle? Crazy ants in Northwest? Bellevue?

Crazy ants are tiny, but come in huge quantities--one mane vacuumed five gallons of them out of his air-conditioner that had quit working! 5-Gallons of tiny ants! They don't bite or sting but do smell musty and they are known for their huge numbers and their attraction to electrical and electronic devices. They have been know to shut down laptop computers, televisions and many other devices. This would be an important pest in the greater Seattle area with all our software and aerospace companies--besides all of us being so electronic dependent. But so far crazy ants are mostly remaining in the Texas area and other Gulf States. What we have to watch for--pest wise, here in in King and Snohomish counties would be crazy ants hitch-hiking on people's belongings when they move from a crazy ant infested area. Also, shipments of manufactured or other goods from areas like Texas could also transport crazy ants. Those of us considering pest control here in the Seattle--Eastside--Bellevue--Everett areas need not be too concerned about the widespread and "crazy" nuisance of crazy ants spreading from vacant lands or even necessarily from house to house because they need a warmer climate than what we have to offer. However, our indoor climates are controlled and crazy ants can survive and maybe even thrive within our homes and businesses. Speculating from a lifetime of pest biology and control, if they do get a foothold indoors it most likely could be in larger apartment and condominium buildings. But for the time being we have lucked out! If you encounter ant problems contact Cascade Pest Control today. Crazy Ants Covering Grounds Crazy Ants Shorting Out Electronics

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