Monday, November 30, 2015

Seattle Rat not to be left behind has his own Pizza!!!!!

After all the commotion about the puny New York rat carrying off a slice of pizza our own home town 'Seattle Rat' made his statement by stealing and eating some pizza. As you can hear there are dogs barking and police sirens going off as this footage shows. Call Cascade for your serious rat and rodent pest control needs. 1-888-989-8979

Welcome Mike Sven (a.k.a. Seattle Pizza Rat!)

Micheal Sven brings his good nature and gumption to our Cascade team. And here he is in disguise! Click here to meet our whole team!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Meet Bryant Myles.... what?

Bryant Myles, Cascade Technician extraordinaire, is seen here modeling his new winter ensemble, complete with tail.
Wait a minute. Mr Myles you are out of uniform! We want everyone to know that this is not acceptable dress code for meeting clients. Wait again...something's happening. OH,okay, here he is in uniform...I guess he just 'had a moment."
Seriously, Bryant is making headway mastering his skills in pest control, rat and rodent control in particular. Way to go Bryant! Thanks for your contribution to the Cascade Team!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Drones fly into the picture for pest control

Drones are the latest technology gadget to emerge in the fight against pests worldwide. CNN shares a clip here on how these flyers help Australian farmers deal with costly agricultural pests: feral pigs, wild dogs and deer that cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to crops.

While the drone used in the video clip appears to be a de-militarized version, here in the States there are thousands if not millions of people learning to fly. There are already reports of pest professionals using these flying cameras to help with inspections of roofs, gutter lines, trees and surrounding vegetation. Have you seen drones flying around your house or neighborhood? What are your thoughts on businesses using this kind of technology?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cascade's "Seattle Rat" BEWARE!

Technicians please post comments!! Humor courtesy of Casacde Pest Control.

Rats Come up through Toilets...Cascade Humor version

Controlling rats can be a tough and dirty job. And, yes, real rats do swim up from the sewer into peoples toilets. Here's our way to have a little fun with it, have some humor about what we do. Cascade's Rat In Toilet video ENJOY!