Friday, December 30, 2016

Automobiles get Trashed by Rodents in Redmond, WA

This engine compartment was trashed by rodents. The cleaning work will be considerable, but the damage to hoses, belts and wiring could cost a lot more $$$$!. "This is the engine bay/ mouse motel of a 1961 Olds Super 88. This was my great grand dad's car, and has been sitting in a barn since 1977. I just recently purchased it from my late grand dad's estate. Now I am making plans to get it to my house to bring it back to a road worthy condition, with no mouse nest!" Thanks to Brent in Redmond Washington for the story. Cascade provides rodent and pest control for the Redmond, Kirkland and Greater Eastside area. For more information about Cascade and rodent control see For pest control in Redmond For Pest control in Kirkland

Rat Infest Autos in Puget Sound Area

Auto mechanics all over the Puget Sound Region are finding a huge increase in damage due to rodents. They chew through wiring and other electronic harnesses, hoses and upholstery resulting in hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage. This photo was shared by Gary Garvin and shows a dead rat stuck under a Honda. Cascade provides rat and rodent control in the Greater Seattle area, including the Eastside (Kirkland, etc) and Everett. Cascade also provides rat/rodent control in Oak Harbor, WA. For more information see

Seattle Overrun with Rats near Lake Union

Rats "take over" a Seattle street!

USA Today published this video article from September 2015, showing an area of South Lake Union in Seattle that is overrun with rats. The nearby construction in the area has displaced a large population of rats, and they are literally running all over the hillside looking for food.

This is not uncommon in the Puget Sound area, as rats are native to the area and have plenty of harborage, water sources, and food. Some municipalities however, such as Kirkland and Shoreline, require a pre-demolition rodent abatement program to reduce/eliminate the rat populations before a demolition permit will be allowed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rat Found in Toilet - Redmond (Greater Seattle) Good Job Girl's!!!

Thank you Gil for bringing in this video taken by some gals--roommates--in the Redmond area, a suburb of Seattle. Yes, rats do come up from the sewer. And, yes, rats do come right up into our toilets where we might be about to sit! Cascade Pest Control provides rat control in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, Everett and beyond. Call Cascade for your serious rat and rodent pest control needs. 1-888-989-8979

Monday, November 30, 2015

Seattle Rat not to be left behind has his own Pizza!!!!!

After all the commotion about the puny New York rat carrying off a slice of pizza our own home town 'Seattle Rat' made his statement by stealing and eating some pizza. As you can hear there are dogs barking and police sirens going off as this footage shows. Call Cascade for your serious rat and rodent pest control needs. 1-888-989-8979

Welcome Mike Sven (a.k.a. Seattle Pizza Rat!)

Micheal Sven brings his good nature and gumption to our Cascade team. And here he is in disguise! Click here to meet our whole team!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Meet Bryant Myles.... what?

Bryant Myles, Cascade Technician extraordinaire, is seen here modeling his new winter ensemble, complete with tail.
Wait a minute. Mr Myles you are out of uniform! We want everyone to know that this is not acceptable dress code for meeting clients. Wait again...something's happening. OH,okay, here he is in uniform...I guess he just 'had a moment."
Seriously, Bryant is making headway mastering his skills in pest control, rat and rodent control in particular. Way to go Bryant! Thanks for your contribution to the Cascade Team!