Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boy Dies from Rat-Bite Fever. Could it happen in Seattle?

A boy died from a bacterial infection recently in San Diego, apparenly from his pet rat. The Rat was purchased from Petco by his grandmother as a gift. The San Diego County medical examiner's office ruled that the cause of death was streptobacillus moniliformis infection, commonly known as rat-bite fever, after exposure to an infected rat. What's important here is the fact that, while rat-bite fever is less common from a pet store bought rat, it is far more likely from the wild rats that live here in the greater Seattle area. Cascade Pest Control has long warned residents in King and Snohomish county about the hazards associated with rat infestations, including rat-bit fever and more. Unfortunately, it may take a tragidy like what happened in San Diego for many to pay heed to warnings about real risks from diseases rats carry. There are high rat populations througout Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Mercer Island and other cities...and rat bite fever is carried within the rat populations. "Most anywhere amongst the urban and suburban areas of the Puget Sound region we have an abundance of rats, and the diseases they carry are a real hazard," says Kurt Treftz of Cascade Pest Control. If you or someone you know has a home that may be encountering rodents call Cascade. If you're already on service be sure to follow recommendations, if any, that your technician provides you to reducse likelihood of rats.

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