Sunday, December 2, 2007

Seattle Pest Control News Launced

After nearly 29 years on business, we at Cascade Pest Control have seen a need to build a relevant base of information and news regarding pest control for the greater Seattle area--pest control as it relates to Seattle, the Seattle-Eastside, King County and south Snohomish County.

The subject of pests and pest control are important as they regard people's health (bites, stings, & the transmission of disease) and destruction of property (termites and carpenter ants destroying homes, etc.). Importantly, the Pacific Northwest has particular pest organisms and situations that require unique answers to protecting people's health and property.

In this blog we hope you will find helpful tips and answers regarding the care and protection of your home and other property, as well as you, your family and pets, from pest organisms and the problems they present. We also intend to provide insightful news that is specifically relevant to living in the Puget Sound, including home maintenance and preservation.

To start with we'd like to note that a collection of "Pest Warning Signs and Prevention Tips" for the homeowner exists at and we strongly encourage you to incorporate that information into the care of your home, family and pets.

Thank you for visiting Seattle Pest Control News