Friday, September 18, 2015

Cascade's YouTube Channel - Rats in Restuarants

We have compiled about 17 videos from all over the world which depict rats or rodents in restaurants. It's pretty graphic at times but shows us the real threat to our food supply...mostly in terms of contamination and the spread of disease. What's quite something are the reactions of people when they realize there are rats in a restaurant...perhaps a restaurant they frequent...up to now. Rats are a huge problem in the greater Seattle area, which includes Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Everett and so on. And the rat population is strong. Seattle has ranked both 7th and 1st most rat-infested large city in the U.S.! There rats can show up anywhere, whether a vacant lot, a restaurant or our homes. Other rodent problems we encounter are house mice and deer, or field, mice. So, take a look at our YouTube channel, "Cascade Pest Control," where you will find both entertaining video playlists as well as educational ones. For more information about rats and their control see our Rodent page within our website.

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