Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Woman Has Portions of All her Limbs Amputated Due to Tick Bite

It's a very rare instance, but a 40-year-old Oklahoma woman had portions each leg and each arm amputated due to a life-threatening infection from a tick bite this summer. Her name is Jo Rogers, a mother of two. She likely got bit--and, hence, contracted the disease, while hiking. This is an extreme case, but we are not without ticks here in the Seattle - Puget Sound region. Yes, there are far more ticks usually found in eastern Washington, but we do have ticks here in western Washington as well. Many are found on deer trails in the woods right around us. Perhaps the most common species of tick here is the 'brown dog tick.' Don't let the name fool you...deer and other animals are their hosts as much, if not more, than dogs.
Fortunately, we have few cases where ticks are plentiful on any small portion of property and neither homes nor lawns--knock on wood--need be treated. Nevertheless, we at Cascade Pest Control provide control for fleas and, in the rare instance, ticks. Cascade Pest Control is dedicated to protecting your health and property. Call Cascade Pest Control for all your rat, rodent, insect and other pest needs. 


Jordan said...

Very disturbing. Hopefully news stories like this will encourage others to pay attention and look for ticks after being in an area with them. Thanks for sharing!

chrisshart said...

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carterpestcontrol said...

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Johon King said...

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