Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pregnant Mother of Four Dies from Bee Stings

A young mother of four children from the state of Vriginia died from wasps stings. She was only 32 years old and pregnant with her fifth child. While this is rare, the wasps encountered are plentiful here in the greater Seattle area. During August and September wasp nests, particularly Yellow Jackets, have populations of up to four thousand in any one nest! Problems we've encountered with wasps and yellow jackets in the Seattle area, Bellevue and Redmond include wall nests that can break into the living space of the home presenting an escalated risk to people and pests. What happens is the wasps nest in wall cavities or in attics just above the ceiling, and the wasps slowly scratch through the sheetrock until there is only a layer of paper and paint separating them from the home interior. We at Cascade have had a number of people over the years call us from their neighbor's house because they were driven out from the yellow jackets breaking through the wall and invading their home. In a few cases we caught the situation before they'd broken through. If you have wasps, yellow jackets or other pests--or, better yet, to set up pest protection before it's a problem, call Cascade today! 1-888-989-78979 WWW.CASCADEPEST.COM

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