Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seattle Carpenter Ant Seminar

ALL STAFF(except owners) Attended a seminar Thursday 4-17-08. The seminarwas held at Univar in Kent. This was a panel discussion with Corey Chantry of All Seasons Pest Control as the moderator. The panel consisted of Scott Deland of Willards Pest Control, Art Bader of Whitworth Pest Solutions and Bob Anderson of Sprague Pest Solutions. The panel discussed the importanceof expectations, inspection and patience. They talked about the biology and behavior of the ants and the difficulty in locating nest sites. Someof the newer products on the market were discussed as well as baits, repellants and non-repellants that are currently in use. Where to look, conducive conditions, exterior vegetation were all mentioned. Unusual scenarios and treatment intervals were talked about at length. The participation from the audience was great!
Report from Al Brown, Service Manager of Cascade Pest Control (425)641-6264 (206)525-0882

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