Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pest Control Seminar held near Seattle, WA

A pest control seminar hosted by Univar in cooperation with the WSPCA Education Committee on 2/21/08 for Greater Seattle area pest control operators.
The first half covered pesticide/chemical spills. The speaker was Fred Whitford from Purdue University's Pesticide Programs. It was an entertainig presentation onwhat some would consider a boring subject. He pulled technicians from the audience to use as victims and drivers. He simulated a vehicle accident with a chemical spill and had them say what steps to follow. Al Brown of Cascade Pest Control noted that all Cascade vehicles have labels and MSDS's which Mr Whitford said was most important.
The second half was on Integrated Pest Management and Green pest control. How we have evolved from exterminators to consultants. Our role is in being good stewards of the environment. It was clear that, as we do our consciously of the environment we should be a well respected industry and be compensated accordingly.

Report submitted by Alan Brown


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They will probably look in all the cupboards and under the refrigerator to see if they spot any insects.

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