Friday, December 30, 2016

Automobiles get Trashed by Rodents in Redmond, WA

This engine compartment was trashed by rodents. The cleaning work will be considerable, but the damage to hoses, belts and wiring could cost a lot more $$$$!. "This is the engine bay/ mouse motel of a 1961 Olds Super 88. This was my great grand dad's car, and has been sitting in a barn since 1977. I just recently purchased it from my late grand dad's estate. Now I am making plans to get it to my house to bring it back to a road worthy condition, with no mouse nest!" Thanks to Brent in Redmond Washington for the story. Cascade provides rodent and pest control for the Redmond, Kirkland and Greater Eastside area. For more information about Cascade and rodent control see For pest control in Redmond For Pest control in Kirkland

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