Sunday, December 16, 2007

Joe Teague of Univar, honored for 28 years service to pest control industry

Recently Joe Teague was honored at an educational meeting held held in Kent, WA (at the Univar facility.) Joe has served us for 28 years providing us with far more than just products, he has brought his good nature, his comradre, humor and in tough business times--plenty of empathy! 28 years in long enough to have witnessed major changes in pest control, particularly E.P.A. regulations and incredible scientific advances in less toxic yet more effective pest control. And, importantly, he watched many of us grow our pest control companies. 28 years ago Cascade Pest Control had just started business on the Seattle Eastside and "young" Joe was there along with the rest of us "young bucks."

Thank you Joe, for your incredible service, but more importantly for your friendship and spirit!

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